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How composite fillings work

Having a tooth filled is an incredibly common dental procedure, treating dental cavities and damage. Composite fillings offer an aesthetic repair, rebuilding teeth and restoring them back to full functionality. Dental composite is a type of resin made from a mixture of glass and plastic which, when hardened, looks just like dental enamel. It can be colour-matched to blend in perfectly with the natural tooth.

We can replace noticeable metal fillings with white replacements using dental composite.

What is involved in having a tooth filled?

A filling is a quick and pain-free procedure, managed with local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. To create the best cosmetic repair, we carefully colour match the composite to the shade of your natural teeth, enabling it to blend in.

The composite is applied in layers, and moulded and contoured to match the natural shape of your tooth. We then harden it using a special bright light and give it a professional polish.

As the composite filling is set, no downtime is required and you can eat on it straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do composite fillings last?

    Although not as long-lasting as amalgam fillings, composite fillings are strong and durable, and can last around 7-10 years before needing to be replaced. More and more patients are now choosing composite fillings for their aesthetic qualities.

  • Can I eat straight away after having a composite filling?

    Composite is hardened immediately with a special UV light after being placed in your tooth, meaning you are able to eat and drink directly after the procedure. If your dentist has used local anaesthetic to make you more comfortable during treatment, you may need to be careful when eating for the first few hours, until the numb feeling wears off.

  • Can composite fillings be repaired?

    It is possible to repair composite fillings. As the composite bonds to itself as well as tooth enamel and dentine, small areas of damage to the filling can be restored. In some cases, it may be preferable to remove the existing composite material and replace the filling rather than repair it. However, composite is easy to place and this is not a long procedure.

  • Do composite fillings look completely natural?

    Yes, composite can be colour matched to the shade of your natural teeth so it blends seamlessly into your smile. The composite is bonded directly to your tooth and is virtually invisible once in place.

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