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How bridges work

Bridges use the healthy teeth on either side of the gap as support for the replacement tooth, known as abutment teeth. They can also be used to replace more than one missing tooth when used alongside secure dental implants.

Bridges provide a more secure alternative to dentures and protect your otherwise vulnerable gums. They also prevent your remaining teeth from moving and causing alignment issues in the future.

What does the treatment involve?

Initially, we examine your teeth and ensure that the teeth that will support the bridge are healthy and strong. We prepare the abutment teeth by removing a layer of enamel so they can easily accommodate crowns slotted over them.

Your bridge is custom-made to ensure a precise and natural looking fit. While it is being manufactured, we fit a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth.

When ready, your bridge is checked and adjusted to make sure it is a precise and accurate fit before being fixed into place using strong dental cement. Your bridge will look just like your existing natural teeth and feel secure in your mouth.

If your bridge is well looked after, including keeping the surrounding teeth healthy, it can last for over ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a bridge last?

    With proper care, including keeping the surrounding teeth healthy so they can continue to provide solid support, a bridge can last for over ten years. It is also important that you attend regular check ups with your dentist so they can keep an eye on your bridge.

  • How many teeth can be on a bridge?

    In most cases, a bridge is used to replace one missing tooth, but they can be used for up to four teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, your dentist will be able to discuss with you if a bridge is the best option or if another restorative option would suit better.

  • Can I eat normally with a bridge?

    Yes, you can eat normally with a dental bridge. As they are fixed in place, they will not move as you bite like dentures can and you should have no trouble eating. It is important to remember to clean your bridge thoroughly, to avoid gum disease and other issues.

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