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What can whitening do?

Sometimes, a quick and easy boost is all your smile needs to look and feel brighter and healthier. As long as your teeth are healthy, they can be whitened. Restorations such as veneers, crowns and bridges are not affected by the treatment, so you may need to think about replacing these to match your new shade, if required.

At Aspire Smiles, we offer White Dental Beauty’s professional tooth whitening system and premium Enlighten Evo4 whitening, which achieves dramatic results and guarantees the whitest shade available, B1.

What are the benefits of whitening?


Whitening is a very safe treatment when performed by experienced and qualified dental professionals. We carry out a thorough initial examination and ensure your treatment progress is going to plan.


Enlighten whitening offers significant and dramatic results, even if your teeth are very stained by smoking, tea or coffee. Your teeth will lighten no matter their initial shade.


Treatment is completed at home in just 2-3 weeks, with your results instantly visible. Whitening is the perfect quick boost to your smile, boosting your appearance and confidence.


Your whitening trays are completely bespoke, made using precise digital technology for a close and comfortable fit. This allows you to easily whiten your teeth as you sleep without any pain or discomfort.

Enlighten Evo4

Seen as the gold standard for whitening, Enlighten Evo4 is fast, safe and a very popular treatment. The system works no matter the initial colour of your teeth and is not affected by your diet or habits, so there’s no need to give up your daily coffee to achieve or maintain results.

How does Enlighten Evo4 work?

Achieve maximum results at home with Enlighten Evo4 Whitening. Bespoke mouth trays are created using the latest digital technology for a precise and comfortable fit. We show you how to insert them into your mouth correctly and how to apply the special whitening gel and then it is over to you at home.

You wear your trays overnight, whitening as you sleep and ensuring the treatment does not affect your daily routines. After two weeks, you only have to wear it for 1 hour a day for another 7 days.

Once treatment is complete, your desired shade of teeth will have been achieved and you can begin showing off your dazzling new smile! Your results can be maintained by using your whitening trays at regular intervals, as advised by your dentist.

White Dental Beauty’s Teeth Whitening

White Dental Beauty’s teeth whitening is carried out solely at home and gives highly effective results. Custom-made whitening trays are created to fit snugly and comfortably in your mouth and ensure all your teeth are whitened evenly.

You wear your whitening trays overnight or for a short time during the day, whichever suits your lifestyle best. After 2-3 weeks, treatment is complete and you will be smiling with beautiful whiter teeth.

Although the treatment results last a long time, your teeth can become stained again so we may advise avoiding food and drink that can stain to ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is whitening safe?

    Yes, when performed by a qualified dental health professional, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. You should avoid the use of home kits which can be bought easily online and never have your teeth whitened in beauty salons or hairdressing salons. These treatments are unregulated and could result in long term damage to your teeth and gums.

  • Is teeth whitening suitable for me?

    Teeth whitening is suitable for the majority of patients. It is normally possible to remove stains from most teeth, even those that are considered dead due to root damage. Teeth with particularly bad staining may not respond to treatment, or may require several doses.

  • Is teeth whitening painful?

    Treatment should be completely pain-free, although you may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of your teeth and gums, which should improve once treatment is finished.

  • Can teeth whitening damage my teeth?

    No, the treatment will not damage your tooth enamel, but may cause temporary tooth sensitivity. This will go away on its own once treatment is complete.

  • Is whitening treatment permanent?

    Teeth whitening is not permanent, and the length of your results will depend on each individual case. Typically, whitening can last anything from a few months up to 3 years.

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